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How It All Started

In 1977, a small group of motivated Lorain volunteers organized to form an organization that would provide musical theater opportunities in the summer months for not only school age children, but also adult theater enthusiasts. The intent was to create a quality, educational experience for the participants, while adding cultural value to our local community. This was the inception of Lorain Community Music Theater.

Since that time, Lorain Community Music Theater (LCMT) a 501c3 arts organization, has presented professional quality community musical theater productions each summer to the citizens of Lorain and beyond. From its first show of "My Fair Lady" at the original Lorain High School, area performers and volunteers have diligently worked, with support from local business and citizens alike, to give our area a taste of 'Broadway' each summer.

Literally thousands of people of all backgrounds have been given the opportunity to have an enriched theater experience by either performing on stage, assisting in the production, volunteering as Board Members, or providing general assistance to being our productions to life. This was the dream of the original founders, and it continues ever stronger to this day.

Charter Members: Ann Mesendik Jensen, Sharon Herzer, Marlene Koethe, Clarice Miraldi Larimore, Dr. Charles Nunley, Luis Sanchez.

Our Show History

1977: My Fair Lady

1978: Oliver

1979: Mame

1980: Oklahoma​

1981: Guys-N-Dolls

1982: Student Prince

1983: No, No, Nanette

1984: Pirates of Penzance

1985: South Pacific

1986: Camelot

1987: The Music Man

1988: 42nd Street

1989: Annie

1990: Brigadoon

1991: The King and I

1992: Anything Goes

1993: Gypsy

1994: Big River

1995: Guys-N-Dolls

1996: Damn Yankees

1997: The Will Rogers Follies

1998: Fiddler on the Roof

1999: Jesus Christ Superstar

2000: Sound of Music

2001: South Pacific

2002: And the World Goes 'Round (Spring)

2002: Bye Bye Birdie (Summer)

2003: Annie Get Your Gun

2004: West Side Story

2005: Crazy For You

2006: The King and I

2007: Hello, Dolly!

2008: Beauty and the Beast

2009: A Chorus Line

2010: Joseph... Technicolor Dreamcoat

2011: CHICAGO the musical

2012: HAIRSPRAY, the Broadway musical

2013: Annie

2014: The Music Man

2015: Mary Poppins

2016: Into The Woods

2017: Little Mermaid

2018: Anything Goes

2019: The Producers

2020: Production Cancelled (Covid-19)

2021: Production Cancelled (Covid-19)

2022: SHREK the Musical


Engaging with the Community

LCMT Board Members presented the 'Godspell Delight' at the 21st Annual Zero Proof Mix-Off at Lorain County Community College. Sponsored by Lorain County Public Health, it was an opportunity to provide non-alcoholic party drinks for designated drivers.

We look forward to participating in 2023!

Each year Lorain Community Music Theater invites area high school choirs to perform 'songs of the season' onstage, usually

the first Monday in December. With approximately 150 vocalists,

it is the perfect way to usher in the holiday season!

The 2022 Festival of Carols has been cancelled, due to scheduling difficulties.

With Covid-19 in high gear, Lorain Community Music Theater was unable to produce an annual summer musical in 2020 and 2021. Not to be deterred, a group of ambitious volunteers produced "Back to Broadway: A Virtual Cabaret", a Live Facebook Event in July 2021. Fourteen vocalists donated their time and energy (in a socially-distanced environment) to perform songs to celebrate our 40+ years of musical entertainment.

Photo Gallery

INTO THE WOODS 2016 INTO THE WOODS 2016 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352805 The Giant Scene - Into the Woods Photo by Lynn Maslinski 202271989 Into the Woods Set 202272433 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352823 Cinderella (Angela Mitchell), Cinderella's Stepmother (Alicia Fogal), and Cinderella's Stepsisters (Natalie and Emma Baughman) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271365 Jack's Mother (Jayne Kacik) and Jack (Jeff Kurkjian) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271366 Little Red Riding Hood (Abby Golden), The Baker (Corey Knick) and The Baker's Wife (Erin Donovan) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271367 The Witch (Marlene Karpinski), The Baker's Wife (Erin Donovan), and The Baker (Corey Knick) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271368 Cinderella (Angela Mitchell), Cinderella's Stepmother (Alicia Fogal), and Cinderella's Stepsisters (Natalie and Emma Baughman) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271369 Into the Woods Photo by Andy Dudik 202271370 Jack (Jeff Kurkjian), Milky White, The Mysterious Man (John Baumgartner) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271371 The Wolf (John Carmack) and Little Red Riding Hood (Abby Golden) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271372 The Baker (Corey Knick) and The Witch (Marlene Karpinski) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271373 The Baker's Wife (Erin Donovan), The Baker (Corey Knick), and Jack (Jeff Kurkjian) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271374 Rapunzel (Ally Yellets), The Witch (Marlene Karpinski), and Rapunzel's Prince (Jacob Schindler) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271375 The Baker (Corey Knick) and Little Red Riding Hood (Abby Golden) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271376 Little Red Riding Hood (Abby Golden), Grandmother (Jen Bertoni), and The Baker (Corey Knick) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271377 The Baker (Corey Knick) and The Mysterious Man (John Baumgarnter) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271378 The Baker's Wife, The Baker (Corey Knick), and The Witch (Marlene Karpinski) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271379 Photo by Andy Dudik 202271992 Agony Cinderella's Prince (John Carmack) and Rapunzel's Prince (Jacob Schindler) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271990 Photo by Andy Dudik 202271991 The Baker's Wife (Erin Donovan) and Cinderella (Angela Mitchell) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271993 Photo by Andy Dudik 202271994 Stay With Me The Witch (Marlene Karpinski) and Rapunzel (Ally Yellets) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271995 Jack (Jeff Kurkjian) and Little Red Riding Hood (Abby Golden) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202271996 Photo by Andy Dudik 202271997 Photo by Andy Dudik 202271998 Rapunzel's Prince (Jacob Schindler), Rapunzel (Ally Yellets), and The Witch (Marlene Karpinski) - Photo by Andy Dudik 202272000 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272001 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272002 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272003 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272004 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272005 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272006 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272007 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272008 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272010 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272009 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272011 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272012 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272013 Photo by Andy Dudik 202272014 The Production Staff Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272015 The Production Staff Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272016 Into the Woods Cast and Production Staff Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272017 Into the Woods Cast and Production Staff Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272018 Jack (Jeff Kurkjian) 202272434 Cinderella (Angela Mitchell) 202272435 Photo by Lynn Maslinski 202272536 Photo by Lynn Maslinski 202272537 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272538 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272539 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272540 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272542 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272541 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272543 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272544 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272545 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272546 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272547 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272548 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272549 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272550 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272551 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272552 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272553 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272554 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272555 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272556 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272557 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272558 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272559 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272560 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272561 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272562 Photo by Keli Schimelpfenig 202272563 Photo by Lynn Maslinski 203352804 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352806 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352807 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352808 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352809 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352810 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352811 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352812 Photo by Ron Jantz 203352813 Photo by Ron Jantz 203352815 Photo by Ron Jantz 203352816 Photo by Ron Jantz 203352817 Photo by Ron Jantz 203352818 Photo by Ron Jantz 203352819 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352820 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352821 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352822 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352824 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352825 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352829 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352826 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352827 Photo by APKMD Digital 203352828